About the Writing

When I was in college I had what is usually called a mystical experience, but that really is a terrible description of it. There are many writers who have tried to put this experience, which can be found in all religious traditions, into words. This description by Alan Watts is as good as anything. It is experiencing that “individual consciousness and existence is a point of view temporarily adopted by something immeasurably greater than [oneself].” (This Is It: and Other Essays on Zen and Spiritual Experience)

I was not under the influence of sleep deprivation or psychedelics. I was not meditating or engaging in any sort of religious practice. It was as though I entered a trance, but I was completely awake. I became one with the world but I didn’t in the slightest. It is impossible to completely put into words because words are what we use to divide the world, and this experience transcends divisions.

Had I been a member of an Abrahamic faith I would have called it God.

This experience was one of the most important things that has happened in my life. It began what I hope to be a lifelong quest to seek this truth and learn more from it. As I grow older I find it can become harder to focus on this pursuit. (Particularly because religion in our country has turned into either self-help or an excuse to yell about silly things.)

So I decided to start writing to focus on this pursuit again. The writings in this blog will often seem tangential to this seeking, but they aren’t to me. I hope you like what you read here. No worries if not. It’s mostly for me anyway.