My Friend Makes an Interesting Observation About Facebook And I Write About It

by Dan Jordan

I had a good conversation with a fellow seeker about Facebook the other day. We were running through the normal litany of woes against the site when he pointed out a phenomenon I had not noticed before.

He pointed out that when he had Facebook (he has quit the site) he knew what his friends were up to. All the time. Which means that when he ran into a friend he hadn’t seen in a while, the conversation-starting question, “So what’s new?” was entirely rhetorical and he found himself not paying any attention to the response.

I had never noticed this before but it is largely true! The whole idea of catching up with friends is rendered mostly moot by a constant stream of updates from them. Which is a damn shame because I would rather hear how a friend is doing over a pint than as a blurb in my “news feed” and yet am probably less inclined to do the former now that the latter is default.

Just wanted to share a friend’s good food for thought. Now back to social networkin’!